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Editorial Services

I use the art and science of editing to mold and polish your manuscript to a creative and functional sheen by offering



  • big-picture developmental editing

  • step-by-step line editing

  • creative and consistent copyediting

  • scrupulous proofreading



In addition, I offer manuscript reviews, reader reports geared to your specific needs, and consultations. I am able to adapt to any writing style, keep true to the author’s voice, and supply a clean, fresh manuscript perfect for your needs.

Editorial Services for Publishers and Packagers

You will find no dearth of editors when looking for a professional to entrust with your manuscripts. Knowledge, experience, and the all-important sense and creativity are some of the qualifications that I have to offer. Here are some others:


  • I have an in-house background with trade and school/library publishers, which means I understand the caliber of work you expect and the type of pressures you may be under—I used to hire freelancers myself. My job is not to add to your pressures but to alleviate them whenever possible. I pride myself on being quality driven and deadline oriented, and I know how to deliver projects that will meet your standards.

  • I edit electronically in Word or Acrobat Pro, or on hard copy using CMOS proofreader’s marks.

  • My office bookshelves are lined with a variety of style guides and dictionaries, so I’m likely to have the expertise to edit to your house style. I know how to meld house, series, and title style sheets effectively and efficiently.  

  • I edit for age-appropriate language in children’s books and can analyze the results of readability tests.

Whether your project is a single title or a multi-book series, small or large, for children or for adults, I can help you turn a rough manuscript into a well-honed book just right for your target audience.

Please visit the editing portfolio page to see a selected list of books I’ve edited over the years.


A Special Note for Independent Writers

Mysterious, intangible, secretive—that may be what you conjure when you imagine the editorial process. But at Get It Write Editorial Services, I pull back the veil of mystery to reveal that there really is no man (or woman) behind the curtain.

It may seem like the author-editor relationship should be inherently confrontational; after all, the editor’s job is to find all the author’s errors. What saves the relationship is that the editor is rooting for the author, not the errors. 

My job as your editor is to understand the rules of grammar, know when to break those rules, and respect your voice. I will explain my editorial suggestions, help you by giving examples to point you in the right direction, and walk you through every stage of the process. We are collaborators, working toward the same goal: a clearly written, interesting book that is accessible to your target audience. 

In the end, my editorial work on your manuscript will be undetectable. Your unique turns of phrases, that special way you express yourself—that is what will shine through. 

To begin, check out the editorial process page for definitions and more specific information on the services I provide.

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